Have stopped receiving Adds

( on Desktop) I had an issue with not receiving Pay outs which got resolved but ever since then ( about 6 weeks now) I am not receiving any adds or rewards anymore. I have been through all the settings and made sure everything is like it was before the payout issue, but still nothing. My wallet is verified on Uphold I was able to transfer existing Bat to the wallet, everything fine there. I also have the Browser on a laptop which is putting up adds. I reside in Australia. Any help much appreciated. Thanks


Australia currently has 37 active campaigns so it’s not that your region doesn’t have ads to serve. However, you should keep in mind that it might be because you’ve exhausted all the ads that they could serve you as defined by your browsing patterns.

If you don’t think it’s that then you should run through this checklist. Please check to see if you have rewards and ads turned on. You should also check to see if Brave has permissions to send notifications. You should check and adjust Focus Assist if you’re on Windows or Do Not Disturb if you’re on Mac. After you’ve made sure there isn’t any problems with anything listed above you should try to turn ads off, close out, open back up, and turn them on again. That should hopefully resolve your issue.

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