User Metadata Harvesting and Data Privacy



I am looking for a low-level, itemized breakdown of all communications exchanged with Brave, affiliates, and third-parties as a component of utilizing the browser. Does any such write-up exist? Has a code review occurred for Brave’s privacy claims?

Some potential areas where I anticipate the browser may reveal user metadata outside of the site being visited for which I’d like to understand what transpires, if there is any call to a non-local resource, when is the call made, if the user can opt out of that call, and what third-parties are involved are:

  • Reported attack site detection
  • Search box live-entry
  • Micro-payment model
  • Opening a new tab or window
  • Visiting a web site
  • DNS queries (including DNS over HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Health Checks
  • Any other telemetry, requests, API calls, or data exchanges made by the browser which are not explicitly initiated by the user including any periodic polling or reporting.

Are you able/willing to provide any of this data?

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