Brave Search injection

Are ads inserted browser-side, or is it done server-side?

Probably browser side. That is how rewards works so makes me think so. @Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige any ideas ?

Yeah, SmartyAdi is right. For server-side ad delivery, your data would be sent and processed on external servers. But in Brave, your data doesn’t leave your device, and the browser itself decides when and which ad to serve. That’s why Brave ads are Private Ads.

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I am not talking about Brave Rewards ads, I am talking about ads shown on

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Those are ads handled under rewards itself ig.


Turns out it is done server-side.

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It is server side.

It is based on the search keyword.

Meaning if you search for ‘vpn’. The brave search engine servers will send the 10000 results along with a nord vpn ad just based on this individual search.


Thanks for the clarification. I guess I missed that part! Sorry!

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