Brave selling my browser history to 3rd parties

Every time I search websites for items to purchase, I see those exact same items advertised to me on other websites.
That is wrongfully violating my right to search websites without it being publicly broadcast for all to see and manipulate into ads.

I am due compensation for that theft and public exposure.
Brave is making a profit by selling my browser info to 3rd parties to advertise back to me.
I want my take of the profits since it is my info Brave sold WITHOUT my permission!

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It can’t be Google search engine

Can show us what you are looking for

If you don’t want websites to know your browsing habits, it’s the best to clear your browsing data on exit, that way you won’t stack cookies that websites use to track you around. Stating that Brave is selling your history to third-party vendors is misleading and false. You’ll experience absolutely the same behavior on all browsers as long as you stack browsing data that can be used to track you around the web.

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