Has BAT earnings reduced from 0.01 BAT per ad to 0.001 BAT per ad?

Has BAT earnings reduced from 0.01 BAT per ad to 0.001 BAT per ad ?


Yeah, what the hell?!!!?

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Can someone give us an answer?

#uninstallbrave , it’s not that much worthy now , thank you brave , Sayonara


Unreal. Without any announcements?

Common its totally depends on the ad campaigners. They decide how much one should get on receiving ads.


Then we decide to opt out of the Brave rewards! :joy:
They already getting a humongous amount of viewers for their ads, then why should they do this if this claim is true?

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Reply to our queries dear brave community

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I agree. This will cause a massive uninstallation of the browser. It isnt worth having if you make about 1-2 BAT a month. Also, if you need 25 to be verified it means it will take 2 years to get out the BAT stuck in wallets. We have about 8-10 BAT stuck in wallets because out wallet hasnt be verified yet.


Yes, many have been talking about the decrease in ad revenue… However, the purpose of the BAT tokens is to support creators with decentralized tech. If you’re looking to make USD, perhaps an occupation would be a better fit. However these tokens, and contributions to worthy creators helps to encourage and develop the community. Happy browsing!

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@Nhuwaldt I think we all have jobs. In fact, I have a job that pays me 70k a year (minimum) which isnt too bad. However, if I can make some extra cash while surfing the web and making that grow, I will take it. It would have been nice if BAT provided some explaination for this before just doing it too.


If anything, a decrease in supply would increase the value, no? Consider it a halving lmao. If you really want to make cash, although that seems counterproductive to the movement, putting $5 into ethereum right now will increase your asset value far more than using this browser would. BAT tokens are just a cool way to support the creators you enjoy!

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I’m sure they are pushing the maximum limit. I like to take the BAT though and put it in some other smaller coins for example, Digibyte, Zilliqa and Tron. So far it has done well. However, with the decrease it makes almost no sense to keep trying to do this with this browser.

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Brave is still new for most of us. Earlier they use to give 0.05Bat on each ad. Now a days as cost of bitcoin raises, they have decreased it to 0.01. So we can’t blame Brave platform for this.

Why don’t you guys think other features what they are providing? Are we happy with sharing our personal information to Google for free of cost ?? No right!!


That is a pretty good take. It’ll make the price go up.

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They’ll rather sell their data to big tech giants, than use a browser that keeps their data safe and pays them to see ads.

But that’s not the reason Brave is for :v::roll_eyes:

Sadly, you can’t think advertisers will pay you $0.011 (0.01 BAT in this moment) * x times to do nothing (you don’t have to click anything to get BAT) forever.
Let’s do the math here: about 10.000.000 daily active users * $0.011 * 5 times (a low number) = $550.000. And this should be 70%.
I understand your rage and angriness, but would you pay $785.000 daily to advertise?


I might disappoint you, but the minimum bid on Google Ads per click on real money is $ 0.01
And even so, there will be no conversion.Here is the data for the moment on average.

  1. $ 0.48 - Australia
  2. 0.44 USD - Netherlands Antilles
  3. 0.43 USD - Denmark
  4. US $ 0.41 - Switzerland
  5. 0.36 USD - South Africa
  6. USD 0.32 - New Zealand
  7. 0.32 USD - Finland
  8. 0.30 USD - Singapore
  9. 0.28 USD - Norway
  10. US $ 0.27 - United Kingdom
  11. 0.26 USD - Netherlands
  12. 0.26 USD - Germany
  13. 0.25 USD - United States
  14. 0.24 USD - Canada
  15. 0.23 USD - Austria
  16. 0.22 USD - Barbados
  17. 0.21 USD - Ireland
  18. 0.21 USD - Belgium
  19. $ 0.20 - France
  20. $ 0.19 - Sweden
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Right, but you don’t have to click in Brave…
Getting BATs for new tab page ads costs some F5 every hour.