Hard left bias in default news search returns

Why is most all news search results on Brave default leftist in nature? I get that one can customize one’s browsing choices, but why is the default leftist in nature? No matter what keywords I use to search about a topic the resulting pages are grossly overrepresented hard left sites. Even Google was not this biased in it’s returns and we know they manipulate results. I read a few things about this topic here and it seems this is an old problem that’s not been addressed. Maybe someone can provide a link as to how Brave generates search results, I saw that in one of the answers but I can’t remember which. If anyone answers, please remember, my question is not about googles. I want to know why the default return for news is so badly in favor of unreliable hard left propaganda sites.

It is beyond obvious that Brave searches are either consciously “Establishment/Leftist,” or simply lazy i.e. relying upon the Leftist/selective results of Wikipedia (wokiepedia?).
Until Brave does the necessary work upon itself to create truly impartial (I’m “conservative,” but just be factual!) search results, its viability & chances for genuine growth will remain limited.

So as an experiment, I typed the following search
< acceleration due to gravity >

Could you please identify which results have a political bias ?

" It is beyond obvious that … "

these two commenters are American.

Have you considered the possibility that you are out looking for something. Perhaps served up just the way you like it ? And if it isn’t served your way … well, then it must be biased.
Yeah ?

The basis for any rights-based sovereign government has nothing whatever to do with nationality - it has to do with the written charter, if any - typically called a “Constitution” - that actually guarantees the exercise of individual rights by citizens.
It is politically fashionable among all governments, even the most dictatorial, to pretend to govern by a Constitution.
Since, today, all governments - name an exception? - actually govern by privileged bureaucracies, their power to allocate the given nation’s wealth to themselves influences the institutions of that people toward favoring government versions of facts.
Obviously, this includes all institutions that supposedly deal impartially with the pubic transmission of current facts: schools, universities, all “journalism,” even libraries & dictionaries.
To think that digital “search” vehicles are an exception is, to put it courteously, delusional.
We don’t need anything “served” to us, just presented accurately & impartially, if we are to use the search results constructively.
Is that enough “yeah?” for you?
You might read a book now & then.
Just a suggestion,

Responding and then closing this thread as it has been answered already several times.

Brave search is neutral in it’s results — please see the following response and the responses linked within for more information:

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