GUSD withdrawals as smart contracts sent but not received

Dear All, I used the brave wallet to receive funds on ETH. On the other side the GUSD withdrawal was successfully completed and funds were sent to the destination Wallet address I specified. I do not see funds in my wallet even though the address is correct. What can I do? BlockFi processed GUSD withdrawals as smart contracts, which is why it showed up on the “Internal Transaction” tab on etherscan, but not the Brave wallet. Not sure if I am missing a step. Help?

@Nikg I just want to confirm, do you have it set as a visible asset and the balance isn’t properly displayed or is it that you’re not seeing the particular token displayed at all?

Primarily trying to figure out if your situation can be resolved via instructions in links below, both which essentially say the same thing:

Thanks for your great help. I now have a GUSD visible asset in my portfolio linked to the token address. I still do not see the transfer. Status of funds is still $0.

Can I provide a transaction hash to see what is going on?

Funds just showed up. Thanks for your awesome help!

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