I made a little transference to my Brave Wallet by my QRcode from Binance (ETHW rewards), but I didn't receive transaction value

Hey, guys.
It’s no longer, I’m investing in crypto. So from my Binance account I receive i little amount of ETHW (Etherium Pow). So, I tried to send this to my brave wallet through QRcode. After that, the value got out binance account, about confirm transaction. Although I can’t see this value on brave wallet.
I have seen some topics about that. Something about https://testnet.bscscan.com, but i can’t understand what I should do to fix this.
I hope you can help me.
Thank you everybody.

Wait for some time, it might show up then.
Also, did you select the correct options in brave wallet when depositing ?

@Wilkerfazolo Go to Brave Wallet and log in, which will take you to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see an option that says +Visible Assets.

From there, you may need to Add custom asset.

Then complete everything it asks for you.

You have to create because I don’t see this fork of ETH already in Wallet. So you’ll need to pull the right smart contract and all, to add it for Wallet to be able to see it all. Otherwise it’s sitting in your wallet (if you track and it has arrived), but the browser/Wallet itself can’t show it to you since it’s not a visible asset.

It’s very unlikely that Brave wallet, or any other wallet, supports ETHW. It is a very new blockchain.
My advice, always research before doing anything. Just to be sure you are not doing any mistake.

Not sure how it will work. I do know website was saying:

The chain ID that ETHPoW used is 10001, but it was already in use by a Bitcoin Cash testnet. As a result, the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet users faced issues as the Chain ID, acting as an identifier, could not differentiate between two separate blockchains.

From what I’m seeing on various sites though, it seems like it can be added now. It references MetaMask but should work the same for what I was saying on adding custom assets. Pulling info below from https://2miners.com/blog/how-to-add-ethw-to-metamask/

You can also copy them below. The following settings will allow you to add Ethereum PoW network in MetaMask:

That said, might need to get Aman_M or someone from Wallet team, such as hub or DouglasHDaniel or jleonard to provide more feedback if it doesn’t. (I didn’t tag any of them because I want OP to try it first. If it doesn’t work, then tag them for help). As to info needed for Brave Wallet, I know it’s a bit different, but at least have a bit of a guide there. Rest is to figure out for the people who know crypto well, which would not include me.

Hey Saoiray,
Thank you for your help !

I did what you say about Add Ethw. But even though system brave wallet recognize ethw the amount of coin doesn’t appear on portfolio.

I have used ethereum mainnet.

I’m not upset because it was just a litttle of ethw, and I earned this after The merge Eth.

Anyway, it’s not interesting for Brave Wallet.

I don’t know wether I should do something or not.

Moreover, thanks for your attention.

Did you enable it? In the spot where it shows Visible Assets it might be there but needs to be checked off. For example, screenshot below you’ll see that Filecoin has a check in the box, which means it will be visible. Whereas underneath it is TrueUSD which has empty box. So it’s possible you added it but haven’t checked it to make it active. Best way will be to click on that + Visble Assets and then search for the one you added. Make sure it’s listed and checked. If it is and not showing, then maybe some of the info is a bit different or something.

Btw, I don’t know too much on Wallet. Most of what I’m saying was learned from others who have helped here before or by taking time to search for it. If it doesn’t show, try tagging the people I mentioned in my prior reply and hopefully they can figure the rest out. They’ll either confirm it’s not possible, will tell you how to do it, or will let you know if it’s something that needs to be done yet and will work on it perhaps.

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