Brave Wallet issue - direct deposit ETH doesn't show up

Hello! I’m a very recent Brave user. And my very first ETH direct deposit to the Brave wallet didn’t work.
I have transferred ETH from Binance using the address I have found under the Brave Wallet ETH Direct deposit. And now the amount is withdrawn from Binance but never showed up in brave wallet.
Can you please help me? I have no idea what I did wrong or what can I do to fix this.

Thank you so much!

Sometimes sending a little bit of money In crypto can result in lost since there is not enough money for gas fees or maybe you didn’t add the right wallet
Since you have to send ur money to eth wallet to another eth wallet sending eth to bat it might result in lost since is not the same wallet
If you didn’t make any of this mistaken then eth sometimes can take like 1-25 hours but is usually in Minutes so something is wrong and u should worry bc there is nothing u can do about it bc that’s the beauty of crypto

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