Fund did not receive from Metamask to Brave Wallet

Yestreday I sent an amount from Metamask to Brave Wallet and it does not arrived.

This is the transaction Hash: 0xd785b13597b0850702b0870c6419d1373925e315e0d68e6c23273099c1375990

How can I receive back my amount?


Did you send over the same network?

Is the token you sent imported to both wallets?

Thank you for your answer.

No, that is the problem. I sent from BSC network and Brave wallet just ETH network has.

Can I do something amout this case?

Hey @ToPa98,

You can add the BSC network to your Brave Wallet easily.

  1. Go to and click Connect Wallet.

  2. You will see a prompt from Brave Wallet click Next and then Connect

  1. Now search bsc in the search bar and click Add to Metamask, once you see the prompt from Brave Wallet click Approve

  1. You will then see another prompt to switch your network to BSC, click Switch Network

  1. You will now be on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Thank you. I did it.

But now I do not find the amount what I sent. It was CCAR token.
Is there history or something where I can watch it back?

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Hey @ToPa98,
You will need to add CCAR as a custom token! :slight_smile:

  1. Go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio and click on Visible Assets

  1. Now click on Add custom asset

  1. Enter in these fields
  • Token name: CryptoCars

  • Token contract address: 0x50332bdca94673f33401776365b66cc4e81ac81d

  • Token symbol: CryptoCars

  1. Decimals of precision: 18

  1. Now click Add and CryptoCars should be in your Portfolio

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