Graph of blocked trackers over time and more | Get insight into your online activity and tracking

So I’ve been using a VPN lately and I’ve noticed that depending on the location of the node I get tracked more or less. If I’m connecting on a US proxy then I get tracked way more. From EU in a few days I had like 2-3 thousand blocked trackers but I got 40000+ blocked trackers in just one day on the US node.

This is by no means a critical feature but it would help users understand their online activity, it would also be interested to see whose trackers were blocked the most etc.

So I’d like to see if there is a need for this and a will amongst Brave devs to implement some more tools for the user to be able to understand his/her own online activity (and the companies who track them) from that angle.

Having blocked trackers counter and saved data and time is nice but that’s more of a marketing number than anything else. If we could get more insight into the tracking activity I think it would be a game changer for how we use the Internet, what sites we go to, who do we give money to etc.

Suddenly Google wouldn’t be that cool company like they say in their marketing but the company whose domains are at the top of the graph every month. Same for pretty much any other big tech company. Slowly but surely it would be a social change. Will you be excited about a new announcement from Meta if you see how much are they tracking you?

You might say, everyone knows they are tracking everyone. But I think it’s different when you can see the report on you own activity and how much they are tracking you personally and how it never stops, it’s always going on. The CEO, goes to US Congress and is being called out or the company has to pay a billion EUR fine for breaching EU data protection laws, you might get a false idea that something has changed for you but when you can see that the graph still reports roughly the same data it’s a very powerful thing.

And imo nothing would bring more adoption of Brave products and ideas than that.