Ads blocked on website that doesn't have ads or track

I own a website that i keep for personal use. I have no ads or tracking yet Brave shows 28 ads or tracking blocked. Could it be that my host, Ipage usage reports count as tracking? Just curious. Love the app and have my brother and wife using it. Thanks!

Could you message me your website so I could check for myself

Sure. The URL is
Yesterday, the ads and trackers blocking monitor was increasing every few seconds. This morning, it is steady at 0. I don’t remember having more than one tab open, but it is possible.

You have several YouTube videos on your page those come with trackers

I will do a deep dive to find all the ads and trackers

Thanks! That would explain it.

@Cone_Junky what @Dgenies said is correct. Brave also block any ads/trackers from embedded media. If you’re on desktop, you can click Brave icon at URL bar > and click the number on “Ads and trackers blocked”. It’ll list which ads/trackers being blocked.

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