Still being tracked?

So last night i was looking for FPGA’s @ trough Brave with Shields UP on my laptop, like 10 minutes ago logged into my FB App, and this is what i saw … Any suggestion how this happend?

shield or any ads blocking tool would help you if you use certain service for example you used google so shield would not help or stop google from log all your activity there and when you use fb is the same

who know maybe google and fb share some info together or even log your info to third party that seek your data

hope that help and have a nice day

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It makes me think that unless there was e FB tracker (which have not been blocked) on either of the pages, or some sort of “Fingerprint tracking” as im using 2 different google accounts,
…, thanks anyway

go to this setting
if it enabled then it would allow to track you across site if it has login to those social network

and of course one of the reason could be as you already said a missing tracker

but keep in mind that google and fb log what you doing

using 2 account would not help

tracker and blocker are like mouse and cat game

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