Is something broken with this tracker counter?

Something weird is going on with the tracker counter. I’ve never seen the number move this fast before and it was less than 60k just yesterday!

@jcloud I do not know very well how the Brave blocker works (I am not a developer, but a home user), but my basic knowledge would make me try to detect any malware that may be installed on your PC, using different tools. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can clarify if it is for another reason. :anguished:

Some sites will keep requesting trackers in the background (youtube and twitter for example) Once the page loads, doesn’t mean they stop tracking you :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info both! I’m leaning more towards @Arcag’s explanation. It’s bleaker, but best be careful about these things. Besides, even if YouTube, Twitter, etc. keep requesting trackers in the background, like you mentioned @fanboynz, that doesn’t explain why it would suddenly jump to more than double overnight and run so fast like that. I’ve been using YouTube, Twitter, etc. since I started using Brave and the counter never moved so fast before.

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