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I’m interested to see what everyone’s home screen looks like. Show us Trackers & ads blocked, Bandwidth saved, Time saved.

I’ve been using for about 4 months.

Apologies… I didn’t see this thread and shared mine here:

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get rekt, google :sunglasses:
been using for a couple years


@Tidyyy OMG I just had to respond! That trackers/ads blocked number is huge! lol Nice. :smiley:

it’s gone up 500 since i posted, so maybe it’s broken :person_shrugging:
but i do try and block all tracking cookies and ads religiously so it kinda makes sense
also kinda haunting to think someone’s made a program to track us online and bombards us with it every single day until we accept, but i think that’s for another discussion

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Absolutely wild number!! What country are you in?

This is huge, Look like you are a search engine, ,

im in the UK @dsims
it’s gone up 75,000 in the 5 days since i posted, so it might legit be broken.
i do have a lot of tabs open, and like i said previous i do try and block all trackers/cookies as best i can. i have a lot of yt tabs open so maybe that’s the constant uptick?
either way, i’m on track for 100k blocked in a week :sunglasses:

LOL Too funny. Made me laugh.

Just now have 36.5k in 4 Months! I don’t YT though, so that just might be it as you say. :slightly_smiling_face:

you have like 12 different profiles tho so your numbers arent true :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, watch it, only have 6 total (4 stable/2 Beta) :laughing:

give it a week and you’ll have another set up :wink:

what’s the advantages of the beta? do you just like being first in or do you roadtest it and give feedback?

Well, mostly I just check out things that are implemented there first especially if it is something I am interested in. It helps if I have an issue in stable to know if it is fixed in Beta. Gives me a little more patience knowing that it will soon be released, otherwise I would be raging all the time. lol


Ah-ha! You are probably right. :stuck_out_tongue: So far, I have probably created and deleted at least as many as I have kept. So maybe that 12 number wasn’t so far off… :wink:

uff, yeah, knowing stuff’s gonna be fixed would be nice, although tbf my issues seem to be behind the scenes so i’m not sure i’d notice if they were fixed :sweat_smile:

haha, i knew it! you love new profiles more than chocolate! name change incoming…? :thinking: :wink:

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