Brave has whitelisted some giant trackers

Using Tracker and ads blocked (Aggressive) mode but still being tracked…why?

Brave claims to block all the trackers from every website we visit, but still secretly allows Facebook to track our activities.

Brave contradicts its own commitments…why?

Really sad to know that Brave is allowing Facebook on so-called privacy-friendly browser “Brave”.

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What the fudge…

Well, Facebook is still a big player with lots of influence that can make or break you as a company. So probably peer pressure?? Big Brother is always watching us :roll_eyes:

You trust them and become vulnerable. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Without relying on third-party reporting on “Facebook tracking”, A sample site where this occurred is much more helpful. These apps that report X&Y trackers are just reporting attempts rather than actually blocked attempts.

Checking “Settings, Brave Shields & privacy”, and unticking “Allow Facebook (and others)” Which will stop facebook script from running on 3rd-party sites. Standard vs Aggressive in shields won’t matter in the case of Facebook or other 3rd partys, its still blocked.

We don’t run the 3rd-party reporting apps, But happy to answer any questions regarding trackers.

I didn’t raise this issue to get certification from you whether other third party apps are just reporting the attempts or actually blocking those attempts.

I am just acting on your commitments that you make to users but secretly contradict them. And the app I use to block the tracking in my phone belongs to a well renown firm that protects users’ privacy with more transparency.

If you work on your product, would be better I guess rather than objecting to the third party apps.

Confidence is good, but overconfidence is worst.

Your way of responding is very rude. If you are from brave’s support team, then actually be “Brave” to accept the truth and interact with users politely.
May god bless you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can go into ‘Brave shields and Privacy’->Social media blocking and cancel all embedded posts.

Could I know what app this is?? Revealing it will not harm your privacy.

The course code of brave ad-blocker is open source and audited by researchers/users quite a lot. You can check and revive the code yourself if you think Brave has whitelisted Facebook trackers.

The same quote may be applied to you.

I am very privacy conscious, and whatever you are suggesting, I did that already when I installed the browser.

I believe so, and it also applies to those who like to advocate others. I don’t know why you are treating me differently. Just because I raised the concern? Or someone else ruined your day, so you are compensating that?

I see nothing rude in the reply you got. You were asked to provide a site where this is happening but you failed to do that. fanboynz is very responsive to issues raised regarding ad and tracker blocking, but can only help you if you provide the info required to do so.

You are acting really weird. I do not know if you are a troll having some fun.

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