refused to connect on Linux Ubuntu refused to connect when trying to claim BAT rewards on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Is this a server issue or something local?

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Thanks for the report. We’re actively investigating.

I’m started seeign this 2 days ago as well. I am using Zorin, an Ubuntu based distro

Screenshot from 2022-11-29 09-52-30

When you press “solve” you get “ refused to connect”

Screenshot from 2022-11-29 10-01-12

Can you send me your brave://rewards-internals (general info) via PM? Our engineer is requesting this, as this will help us investigate. Thanks.

Done. Thanks for the prompt action.

@chriscat I was wondering if there has been any progress with this topic, also can you tell me if this will impact Brave rewards?

By the way, this should be resolved. If it isn’t for you, see this issue which has solutions:

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Terrific - thanks it works now.

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