Gotta format my PC, can I save my BATS?

Hi guys, I’m in urgent need of formatting my PC. Is there any way to save my estimated BAT before formatting it?

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Are you already verified thru uphold or no? Because if so, it will just go to uphold. If not, I do not think there is a way

@LuisBarros as @HighPriestess42 already told you the only way that you could save your Bat balance – not pending rewards – would be verifying the wallet with an Uphold account. but by doing that after formatting your pc you will lose one of the 4 “slots” available from your account.

but… you could try to copy this folder C:\Users\"yourUser"\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware from your current installation to an external drive, and then paste it in your new installation of brave after formatting. in theory this should work but you must have the same S.O, probably the same user, language, region and time zone. and yet I give you no warranty of success :grimacing:

A sure way to save your wallet is to clone your disk but since you need to format your pc then this not seems like an option to you :thinking:

Please let your pc be the test dummy for the people’s sake :bowing_man:

I’ve tried verifying, but I need at least 15, I have 2.5 at the moment

I could try that, but the reason I’m formatting is because of a virus, and I wanted to make a clean install, and not bring any old files. Because I’m not sure if the virus spread to other files, possibly the browser.

if you already have a verified Uphold account (kyc completed) you don’t need a minimum on pc, also I forgot to ad that the transfer could not be immediate based on when you verified your browser wallet, besides currently there’s this bug that could happen to you.

I think all this is only worth depending on how many Bat you have :thinking:


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