I need to format my PC and don't wanna lose my BATs


I’m having a issue to back my BATs up once as said by title I need to format my PC and don’t wanna lose them.

So, I created a verified wallet on Uphold to transfer my BATs to there but I’m not getting success. I’m logged on my Uphold account with the verified wallet but when I click on “Withdraw Funds”, the bellow message appears.

Anyone here had the same problem as me or knows how to solve that?

I would really appreciate if somebody could help me with that.

P.S: I don’t know if this have something to do with this case, but I have less then 25 BATs right now.

Best regards,
Rafael Palmeira

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Hi > Brave says that you need at least 25 BATS to do anything with them so you must wait until you have 25 BATS in that case. If you don’t want to wait, just format & start from fresh with zero BATS again. Hope this helps. Cheerio & bye.

Thanks for your reply.

Something that turned this in a bad solution is that Brave only giving 0,01 per Ad, which take a lot of time to get BATs again.


Well, did you log in to brave browser with your e-mail adress?
Did you also create an account?
Then just log in after you done your formating to your existing account.
You will lose nothing.
But if you are not sure, ask some of the admins.
They kindly help you with your subject.


Thank you very much.

Actually , I don’t know if I had created one, but your suggestion to contact directly the admins is a very good tip.
Thanks for your help.

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In the beginning when i start using the browser i have a prompt with a key frase and i save it, you probably can find it somewhere, then you just need to restore it using the key frase of your brave wallet, i format my pc sometimes and all the bat came back normally
But now when i connect to uphold the option to save the key frase is gone but i can still restore my wallet using the old key frase witch is odd.
Ask the dev team they can probably help you with this.

Thanks man.

Sadly, I lost my key phrase and since I connected my Uphold wallet to Brave the option to save the key phrase is gone as well and I can’t find it nowhere else. Like I said before I’ll contact the admins directly to try to solve it.

save ur recovery key of brave and format ur pc and whenever u istall the brave put that restoration key and get ur all rewards back

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