Formatting my PC

I want to format my windows and install a fresh copy of brave. is creating Brave account enough to preserve my BAT rewards ?
Note : I don’t want to signup for Gemini or Uphold because they both ask for phone number and i don’t want to submit my phone number.

Nothing will preserve the BAT unfortunately. It will be lost if you reformat computer or reinstall brave etc. The only way would be using one of the wallet custodians , but I understand you prefer to not use them.


I have tried to withdraw , but a message appears telling: verifying is optional. but i can’t skip it, is there any way to transfer my funds out of brave or transfer it to binance address without creating Custodial wallets?

I do not know what they mean when they say verifying is optional, cause clearly it is needed to move funds out from the browser to Uphold/Gemini. They probably mean you can just let it accure and never do anything with it, or tip it to your favorite websites or creators I suppose. But there are only the two custodial wallets available, Gemini or Uphold. Perhaps in the far future there will be more wallets and maybe brave will implement their own as well. But at the moment no. I know it is not the answer you wanted to hear, but this is basically the only options sadly. Let it go, or succumb to the phone number thing. Also Gemini took quite a while to become available for non creators, so I would imagine even if another wallet became available, that would probably be quite some time from now.


Thanks for the detailed and comprehensive answer, mostly appreciated


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