Got BAT from only one profile

I got BAT only from one profile. I haven’t received the April payout from my other profiles. So is it still processing ?
Is anyone here with the same issue?

yes bro. I think mostly users are facing problems regarding rewards. I also got BAT in one profile which has less BAT but the one which has more BAT are still pending.

yes bro me also with same issue

Think this is a known issue they’re already looking into as there’s loads of posts about it and I’m having similar problems. It’s definitely not resolved, but they’re onto it and payouts are still processing.

Any updates ?? I still haven’t got BAT in my other two profiles.

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@tothem00n, yes: April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update. As you can see, Steeven has also confirmed its a known issue still being investigated. Hope this helps.

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yes i have also not recieved my payout from my pc

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