Brave Rewards problem with browser

I have a problem: In brave rewards I have 4,211 BATS since the May payment and only 3.18 BATS have been transferred to Uphold. The fact is that in my brave browser the card still tells me that I have 4,211 BATS. Could it be a bug in my browser?

P.S. I don’t see any ad since the payment … I use Brave.

Is the 4.211 Bat counting towards this month? For example, it might be that it is showing 4.211 BAT total and you got paid out 3.18 that you earned in April and the remaning 1.031 is what you have accured for this month?

No @HighPriestess42 , on May 6 I only had BATS. I was waiting to see it every day. The thing is, I can’t see any more ads, so the score has stopped going up for a week. Thanks for the reply.

Oh okay. You might have to try reaching out to an admin and provide them with your infromation.

How can I contact an administrator or moderator?

@Mattches I believe.

Today if it works, maybe yesterday there was a bug or that there are only 10 campaigns in Spain. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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