Is Uphold gonna be removed from offering wallet services

Hiii im from currently unsupported region (India) of brave rewards (Ik im still participating in ads). I just want to know if you’re gonna remove Uphold and add another custodian wallet service because as of now I’m unable to log in to my Uphold account it’s showing as if they’ve halted their services to India or just me idk (I’ve wrote to uphold but haven’t got any reply yet) I know you guys are working tirelessly to get India back on supported countries so if uphold removes their support i don’t know how I’m gonna get my rewards after you guys reinstate India. So if you know anything just let me know.


Could share a screenshot?
I’m from India as well and don’t see anything you’re saying…

@Majestiiic Just out of curiosity, when you log in to your Uphold account, does it say “We can’t continue to offer you an account”? As far as I know, Uphold hasn’t restricted services to India.

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Yes that’s exactly what it says

Sorry i can’t I’m getting a new error it just keeps on loading forever with something went wrong message

You’ll have to create a ticket with Uphold at

i sent half a month ago and they did not respond . they are keeping my money

I tried to contact them again but they’ve stopped responding

Already did they have not been answering my queries.

If you are from India and Can access your Uphold Account, I recommend moving the amount to a supported wallet, as they might close your account and claim that the BAT received is through deceit. I just lost about $60 in BAT :frowning_face:

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Sarcasm Intended.

Good to know, I am not alone on this.

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Brave team can tell them that is not through deceit right?

If anyone is sending me crypto for the services/product I have used. How is it through deceit?

Brave Team should answer this.

i submitted a support ticket 10 days ago and they have not replied. i think uphold purposely not reply to rob customers money

No one’s telling anything not brave and neither uphold

Brave doesn’t have any solid answers i think or they would’ve made some kind of announcement

I’m uninstalling brave right now

You could but there’s none like brave you know it’s the best atleast for me but hey do your own thing

hello, I need help too, Im from Serbia and i have both uphold and gemini unavailable to Serbia. What to do? :slight_smile:

The top priority of an web navigator is to navigate on the web, brave isn’t the best for this.
And now that a lot of users can’t withdraw the BAT token, there is no reason to use it. (at least for me)

I’ve been using brave for years, however, in addition to the various bugs in brave rewards, there is now this new issue. Who knows in the future I’ll use it again.

I can absolute relate to you about the rewards you know but you gotta ask yourself was Crome ever better? It had bugs with no reward system. I don’t wanna diss regard you or anything so do whatever you want.

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