Google wanted to install "anti piracy" into Brave?

2 weeks using brave i went to i think Startpage or some normal site and brave came up with a warning something like “google wants to install anti piracy (addon, software, something)” then brave gave a long text warning “brave cannot view or determine what this software does…”. i clicked to block. i was on the phone and like an idiot i didn’t take a screenshot. i can’t find anything searching the net about google installing anti piracy software into browsers and i’d guess for the 99% without their knowledge and concent. does anyone have info what i encountered?

mac 10.12. brave Version 0.69.135 Chromium: 77.0.3865.120

Probably a good idea that you didn’t install. Do you know what site you were on when you saw that prompt?

I encountered something similarish. I forever-blocked it too and can’t reproduce it, not that I want to. Might have been at the

this is why i was shocked, i think it was Startpage and i did a search. when i’m crawling around the scum, illegal and immoral sites i have my guard up. that’s why i was so shocked, i was on something mainstream. i clear my browsing data a dozen times a day so that’s no use. i usually block until quit. i also use Little Snitch which has an identical warning system as Brave except for the Brave logo in the top left corner. sometimes these things every one knows, not this time, i’ll catch it next time and report back. thanks for the fast help! ps. so you think this is NOT Satan (google) but a spoof on google? i have a programming background and i cannot keep up/figure out what these SOB corporations are doing so i doubt 99.99% of american can! i don’t know what is a valid protection or a spoof protection. ps. before yahoo was bought by verizon. i had yahoo issue of account lock out. finally found the real yahoo contact page navigating through on the contact page there was a graphic (NOT A POP UP) right in a perfect looking place in the contact form. the graphic had yahoo logo with an 800# in it. i called the # who answered “yahoo tech support” perfect english. told her my story and she was transferring me to tier 3. this guy was indian. but just that week i had apple and MS issues and did 5 screen shares with them so i wasn’t on guard. i contacted yahoo the same as apple/ms via their website contac t page. really fast i figured out i was being scammed and reformatted my drive. after 5 hours i found a yahoo "terrorist attack or imminent violence # and called. i told the girl yahoo just had code injection which she said was “impossible”. i’m a programmer and web designer/admin.

some website was trying to get an extension installed purposely
Which you did not Great !
Could be more useful if one can provide the web address where it was offered or the extension itself.

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