First impression of Brave? Not what I expected:(


Dear Brave Team,

At first I felt very inspired by your “considerate ad” mission and excited about using your browser. Having Installed it and first minutes of usage leave me with mixed feelings. Two points.

  1. After clicking install the program simply installed itself without asking me: which folder I want it to be, whether I want a Start menu icon, desktop icon, menu bar icon, or any additional parameters. Just boom - installed and ready. Seems like you are another company to employ this “user is dumb” policy. Guys, I thought you are better than that, Apple and Google treat users like that, but people come to independent browsers in search of being treated as if we might have an opinion…

  2. Anoter issue: Uninstalling requires opening the program. I left a message in the troubleshooting thread that on PC it wouldnt even start, but lets ignore it. I understand things cannot go all smoothly for all OS types. However, can I please just uninstall your program by “Installing and uninstalling” feature in windows? Do you mind me doing it?
    If not, then why does uninstallation attempts to open a browser window? What do you plan to show me? A sad picture convincing me not to leave? A last-minute marketing survey on what I liked? I would never know, since it wouldn’t let me proceed with uninstalling anyway…
    Please be honest and straight-forward with your users. If someone presses “Uninstall” button, let them do just that, and don’t throw this “Android app-style” design at them, or decorations, or pictures, etc.

You declaring such strong and important values, however I don’t see you are following them yourselves.

Have a good day everyone who reads this.


still better than google in my opinion


It would definetely be better than Google for me, if it worked. Lucky you, you don’t have any problems.

By the way, do the developers even care about what are we writing here? :wink:


Hi @NewUser,

Yes we do. Sounds like you already uninstalled Brave and made up your mind. We’d love for you to give Brave more of a spin though and browse around a bit. For the install process, we want users to get started as quickly as possible. And it’s easy to delete shortcuts.

For the Uninstall, the prompt that opens the browser is to ask if you want to delete your browsing data (profile) to do a clean uninstall, there’s no marketing survey.


Hi @rebron2000, thanks for your reply, I understand you might be very busy. As I described in my message, I could not uninstall the program, for the reason, it tries to open the browser to uninstall, while the browser is glitched. Can I somehow skip the question about my data being saved, and simply delete the program from the PC?

Right now I have a program on my PC which I cannot neither 1) use 2) uninstall.

I asked for help in another thread as well, noone bothered to reply to me. As I understand, you do not have any other support contacts, you ask people to post problems on this forum. If there is someone I can contact, let me know.
If you have a clue about how I get out of that situation, I would welcome any solution.


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