Google voice in brave?


I did the update to v0.22.721 and now suddenly when I log into my gmail, I can make calls using google voice.
I thought there was a security problem with web-browser (WebRTC) VoIP calling; did I miss seeing that resolved? Might this have something to do with running WaveGuard on this machine as my VPN?


@IndigenousEuropean while your input might be coherently thought out in your mind. It is not adding any value to this topic. Perhaps you might be better off posting this at /r/conspiracy, your ideas and thoughts can be validated there. However in this thread its more of a noise factor for those of us following the topic.


Others of us might consider that its your weak sarcasm that was the noise. The OP was asking about security problems and using gmail. Pointing out that the use of Google products is a major privacy problem in itself is hardly off topic

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I’m gonna hit pause on this one to let us all cool off a hair.

With respect to WebRTC security, this might be a decent read :