Google search - new MacBook (M1)

Description of the issue:: Upgraded to new MacBook Pro (M1 chip). Brave browser on old MacBook Pro laptop set to default to Google search and continues to work perfectly. New MacBook Pro ā€“ typing keywords for a Google search in the address bar goes automatically to or Bing or search Marquis. The Brave settings are exactly the same in both laptops. Both are set to Google as the default search engine, and when I click on Manage Search Engines, the data in the search string is identical. But they are performing completely differently. I absolutely hate and will not work with Bing or Yahoo searches - I only want Google and nothing else. So for now, Iā€™m using Safari ā€“ I loathe it for different reasons, but it is at least using Google search. Saw another topic on this question, which suggested disabling extensions. I disabled all of them, and that did not fix the issue. Any other ideas?

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Does removing Bing and Yahoo from brave://settings/searchEngines resolve the issue?


OMG - thank you! Yes, that worked.


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