Google search freezes and lags in browser

Is anyone else having an issue with their browser page slowing, glitching, freezing or lagging when using google search engine? I noticed the other day when I searched for something the google results page would pause and freeze every other second while scrolling. It only does it for google as all the other pages and sites I go to scroll fine and don’t do this. I’ve cleared my cache but it still does it. I’m on Brave

Brave is up to date

Version 1.23.73 Chromium: 90.0.4430.85 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It’s a bit bard to exactly diagnose, Depends on the freeze/glitches

Can you try in private window mode, with any/all extensions?
Also try either enabling/disabling Hardware acceleration in brave://settings/system

Ok in private window mode google search works fine. I’m able to scroll up and down without it stalling or freezing. I didn’t see any of the extensions I have show up on the window toolbar in private mode either. In regular mode I turned back on hardware acceleration and it still froze when trying to scroll up and down. Does this mean it’s caused by one of my extensions?

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