How to troubleshoot "Tab To Search" lag?

Description of the issue:
Getting a lot of lag in browser responsiveness, when using ‘Tab to Search,’ in my primary Brave profile. Host CPU spikes during this lag time, but the Brave ‘Task Manager’ just shows ‘Browser’ consuming CPU.

Issue still occurs with all extensions disabled, as well as in a Private window. Issue does NOT occur in other profiles.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Use they ‘keyword’ for any defined search engine, e.g., ‘:g’ for Google, or anything else that’s defined in search engines.
  2. Enter a bunch of text to search with, using that engine
  3. Observe severe lag

Expected result:
There should be no delays in displaying keyboard output, browser temporarily freezing, etc.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
Understanding that it seems to be something specific to this browser profile, I’m pretty sure (although I have no evidence, I just don’t remember ever having this issue before) the problem did not exist prior to 1.30.86. However I can’t really be certain of that, I just feel like I would have noticed it.

Do I have any viable paths for troubleshooting this aside from having to try migrating everything into a new profile? (And then hoping it doesn’t happen there too?)

Screencap which shows the issue:

So far I have done the following in an attempt to isolate this problem:

  • Private window: issue still occurs
  • Other profile: issue does NOT occur
  • Disable all extensions, close all tabs, and restart the browser: issue still occurs
  • Disable hardware acceleration: issue still occurs

I recognize the value of creating a new profile as a troubleshooting step, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect that a profile could just “go bad” at any time and then you suddenly have to figure out how to migrate all your data into a new profile, customize everything all over again, and hope the issue goes away.

Is there something else that can be done in terms of “real troubleshooting” here or am I SOL? Only other thing I can think of is wait and see if a later release, with a newer upstream Chromium, fixes it in case it’s an upstream bug. As I mentioned above, I’m pretty sure this issue only started in Brave 1.30.x.

I should add, there seems to be a little ‘general lag’ anytime I type into the URL bar, so it’s not necessarily only when I use Tab To Search, but it’s MUCH more evident with TTS. So it may be a TTS-specific problem, or something more general with handling input into the URL bar.

Well, this problem was pretty frustrating and I didn’t really think it was going to get fixed without dealing with migrating my data into a new profile.

But I’m happy to report that the update to 1.30.89 fixed it. Not sure if it was a Brave issue per se, or something busted in Chromium that got resolved in the version bump, but things seem to be back to normal with Tab To Search. Thx!

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