Google Docs Offline Chrome extension stopped working all the time

When opening a Google doc (or sheet, slide, etc) all of a sudden it always pops up with " The Google Docs Offline Chrome extension is missing or disabled. To edit offline, enable the extension. To disable offline editing, [update your settings]." I can enable it and it’ll work for that session, but the same thing pops up the next time I open the same thing. I tried it using Chrome and it still works fine there.


Same here – stopped working without any update installed or other changes.

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I’m having the same issue. I enable it, reload the page, and it’s immediately disabled again.


I am also having the same issue. Was anybody able to resolve this?

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Exactly the same problem here

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I noticed today that the Copy/Paste extension is also disabled. Is this an issue with all Google Docs/Chrome extensions?

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Same problem here. I hope it gets fixed soon, because its rather frustrating

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Seems like there’s some disconnect between Google and Brave.

It’s almost as if Google (makes money on ads) doesn’t like Brave (blocks ads) for some odd reason.


This also happened for me. Brave seemed to think that the Google Docs Offline extension had been corrupted.

I was able to fix by:

  • Opening brave://extensions
  • Noticing that the extension was listed as “This extension may have been corrupted” with a “Repair” button.
  • Clicking the “Repair” button
  • Reloading any of my Google Documents.

Same issue, it’s really annoying as I use Google Docs/Sheets etc quite a bit an the error constantly pops up while using.

The repair trick worked for me too.

This also fixed it for me. Thanks!

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