cookies not being cleared on exit

UPDATE: I tested a bit more because it can’t be this complicated and… it was not.
Howdy. Your question resulted in my testing further which revealed the true method that works for me. FYI, I am NOT talking about clicking the trash can icon.

To prevent the storing of cookies, I use only “Sites that can never use cookies”.

See the following examples and they work (no cookies for the site are stored):

The same as above for TWITTER.

Frankly, I don’t know what actually worked for me - I tried so many combos.

Finally, you may need to remove the social media links. For example, Settings-> Social media blocking-> unclick Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. All mine are clicked off.
fedup: you might try clicking off the Google one.
See the documentation Brave links:

Yup I know what you mean about what worked. In my case, I am more consistent. Nothing works in getting Brave to delete a master cookie and its subcookie or even a particular subcookie. What is so frustrating is that MS Edge has no such issue with this cookie deletion issue I have had for over a year now.

I just feel like with Brave it is a wack a mole wrt issues. You find a work around with one issue and seems no sooner than that is fixed there is something else that they either push out and breaks something or you find another bug. With me I need some cookies to work for Google since configuration and 2FA authorization is needed so a scortch earth policy is not appropriate.

Ya those social media ones except for Twitter have always been disabled.

The cookie deletion issue that I have been seeing here has apparently been confirmed

It is a bug in Brave and should be fixed. Having to go through that process is labor-intensive compared to that of MS Edge or Chrome which deletes the cookies on the browser close as it should.

Also, I misspoke. An hour later, they have reappeared. Weird.

Ok, so this worked for me. First I created a new profile in the profile tab of the menubar. Then I deleted the profile I had been using with the persistent cookies that wouldn’t delete. Immediately upon creating the new profile (a completely clean slate), I clicked on the 3 dots next to firebaseapp and and clicken remove on exit. This automatically put them under the heading “Always clear cookies when windows are closed” I didn’t have to manually add them there myself. I’ve tested it and it works. I guess I don’t know if Google is collecting cookies, but it does appear they are deleted upon closing the browser. I also removed sync. I don’t know if that mattered, but I didn’t want to risk settings from my other Mac changing these when I reconnected to the internet on that device. See this image. Settings should look like this.
If anything changes and this stops working, I’ll update.

I have wiped out the entire installation directory of Brave on Windows10 and still the deletion on exit did not work properly. The easiest way to delete cookies in my case for Gmail is to use a cookie editor extension and ensure the cookie for Gmail has its Session flag enabled. We as end-users should not have to jump through these hoops to delete cookies. This issue has been confirmed in the Brave Github thread I mentioned earlier.

I have spent countless days working through problems with Brave over the years. This is yet another bug the Devs have to fix. Hopefully, before they roll out yet another new feature.

I too uninstalled Brave, emptied the trash and re-downloaded Brave only to see them still there. How is this possible?

When you uninstalled Brave did you ensure that the Userdata folder was also ditched/deleted? That folder is usually located

“C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\

where USERNAME is the Windows10 username you are logged in as.

This is bug in Brave that I have battled with for over a year and which I reported as a bug back in April 2020 . Not being one to give up on an issue, I had to resort to an extension and more testing to get that extension, Cookie AutoDelete, working properly. With it I was finally able to get Brave to log me out of my Gmail accounts automatically. However, I do not think another extension can fix another battle I have been having with Brave since August 2020 that is the extremely limited syncing capabilities between Windows and mobile and Windows to Windows with respect to Open Tabs.

I feel at least for the time being my needs will be better suited by another Chromium based browser which do not have these quirks. There is no indication that they will ever be fixed in Brave.

I have waitied for almost two years for to be fixed. Thankfully I was able to work around the issue using a third party extension. Tonight I get a notification that the bug report was closed because even though several others reported being able to duplicate the issue they were not able to reproduce it.

I tried and the issue with the inability to delete the cookie that brave shows exist still occurs. This is why I have stopped reporting issues in Brave. I don’t need the frustration these days.


is Open at GitHub – today, Monday, Feb. 14, 2022.

Presently in the Brave Browser Settings (Brave Browser 1.35.101 for Mac OS):


there is a switch that is named more precisely:

“Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows”

You have stated that you leave that switch DISABLED (OFF).

And if I may, in my own use of terms . . . you have expressed a wish, that Brave Browser provide selective control over each stored cookie, in order that, you can choose what happens to each cookie – in the event of closing a window and/or exiting (quitting) Brave Browser.

Your objective being, that, with such selective control over the fate of each cookie, with respect to your G-mail account for example, the clearing of some Google cookies, but not other Google cookies, will have all three of the following results:

  1. Upon closing the Brave Browser window(s) or exiting / quitting the application, your Brave Browser would be logged out of your G-mail account, but with a provision:

  2. The 2-Factor-Authentication (“2FA”) Google cookies would remain intact (stored by Brave Browser) - ie NOT cleared - such that:

  3. Upon opening a Brave Browser New Window and going to the G-mail login web page, you ONLY have to use a part of the login process – that is: your G-mail account username and password – while you WOULD NOT have to use the 2-Factor-Authentication (“2FA”) BECAUSE its cookies were NOT cleared, as mentioned.

IN BRIEF, you wish to protect your G-mail account from other people, by using ONLY your G-mail account username and password (and in this login process, avoiding your having to take “2FA” steps), in order to affect your access.

At this moment, my understanding of the Brave Browser, is:

  • The Brave Browser is a patched (by Brave Software) version of the so-called “Open Source” Chromium browser

  • Google is taking steps (in Chromium coding) to inhibit the ability – of Brave Software and other organizations that use the so-called “Open Source” Chromium browser – to offer certain functions that benefit such [effectively] Google Chrome competitors

So, I am uncertain about the ability of Brave Browser developers, to establish

Selective Control Over the Fate of Each Stored Cookie

Yet, if you are determined – and you seem to be, despite frustrations with Brave and in your (“snowbound”) life – then forge ahead with your campaign.

PS. When using a Brave Browser New Private Window, cookies do not show in the following Settings page:



It is open on Github only because I indicated that the devs did not follow my series of steps to duplicate the issue. If I had not subscribed to and replied to the post the issue would of been marked as unable to reproduce.

I use the cookie deletion option at home. That is so I do not have to enter my 2FA code each day while I am at home.

If I am away from home the 2FA cookies are temporary only and are required during each login.

My password is stored in a password manager and is a secure password.

"So, I am uncertain about the ability of Brave Browser developers, to establish

Selective Control Over the Fate of Each Stored Cookie"

If they are unable to allow this then remove that option from the browser. It has been in Brave for 2+ years and has not worked properly

Why is it other Chromium browsers did not have this issue then??