Google Calendar keeps crashing for past 5 days, even after clearing cookies+cache+history

I always have my Google Calendar open for work. But since last Thursday it keeps crashing.
On the tab itself I keep seeing the loading circle and the page itself doesn’t respond.

To solve this I have:

  1. Rebooted. Twice.
  2. Followed the steps of Brave Support. The calendar does open in a Private Window, so I cleared ALL cookies + cache.
  3. Cleared browsing history + cookies + cache + rebooted.

Without any results. It’s Monday now and the issue is still there.

I don’t have this issues with Gmail or Google Drive tab or any other webpage that I’m visiting or that I also have open all the time.


I’m on Windows 11. Brave version 1.63.162.

What can I do to fix this?

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I’m also having these issues, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING, yet Google calendar will not load. At all. It pops up with all my events, allows me to click nothing at all, continues to load in the background, then crashes and forces me to terminate the page, then bam, the maddening loop begins again!.. UGH

It’s only affecting one “user” on Brave since I tested others, but that’s not something I can deal with because it’s my work account, and I cannot afford to have my calendar not working on my work account.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. I’ve cleared everything you could clear. I’ve reset my computer 100 times, yet it is still persistent and will not work whatsoever.

The user profile outlined in Green that I uploaded is the one that will never load the Google Calendar instance and crashes. The others will do so just fine, but the one account I need functional is useless.

^ I’m using a Mac with OS Sierra V14 (most up-to-date) since the original person who posted was on Windows, so this is not an OS-specific bug.

Please, whoever can. HELP WITH THIS for the love of God and all that is holy!!! :pray:t2:

2 days ago my Google Calendar started working normally again. Until then, I had to keep my calendar open in a Private browser.
Still no idea what the cause or the fix was

Can anyone here please create a new fresh profile and login to and see if they’re able to load the site as intended?

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