Google Calendar and Google Mail Pages Fail to Load in Brave Desktop Browser

What’s the quick fix please? Google Calendar and Google Mail pages fail to load in Brave desktop browser on a Windows 10.x, 64-bit machine. In testing via Edge and Chrome that behaviour does not seem to be happening with them. The symptoms are these: I can log into my Google account(s) the first time in Brave. But after I close the page or Brave browser, and attempt to return to either the Google Calendar or Google Mail pages via either a bookmark or simply typing their URLs, those pages won’t load… unless I log out of the Google account, and then log back in. Derp.

I would try clearing your cache/browsing data (either for just or for all data) and then test again. There are some extensions that you may have installed that may also be causing this conflict.

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Merci. Because since forever (1999, for real) the first response 1st level techs would offer to solve any browser problem was to clear the complete cache, I usually resist that approach because I found it works very infrequently. But in this case only, I noodled through it after I made the post and cleared the whole Brave cache. That seems to have solved the problem. It didn’t occur to me to clear only Google’s cache. So if it happens again maybe I’ll try that and I thank you for mentioning it.

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You’re very welcome — glad that did the trick!

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