Google Calendar Freezes

**For about a month now, Google Calendar (normally open on my laptop all day and night), freezes after 3-18 hours or so of not using it. It’s the only site that has this problem and I browse off and on, different sites all day.

So I have to reopen it in another tab, close it in frozen tab. Then in new tab only can I access / move my calendar entries**

I’ve been using Brave for about 3 months now, HP Envy 360 Laptop (about 4 years old). Windows 10. PC. Brave is updated (no updates pending).

HOW TO REPEAT ERROR: **Open Google Calendar, ignore it a few (up to 18 hours) while you do other sh*t. Return to find calendar won’t let you:

  1. Make a new entry
  2. Move an entry
  3. Open an entry



Brave Version (Version 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Unrelated - I downloaded the beta version to help just now - would be cool if bookmarks transferred from current Brave to Beta Brave, or if that was an option.
Wasn’t clear if I would lose them upon closing & re-opening browser or during reboot. Only option to import was from a non-Brave browser. PS, you guys rule! Thanks for challenging Google, etc. :

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