Google Bot Detection

Hey Brave community!

I have been using Brave for a long time (>1.5 year) and recently Google is blocking me at least twice per day and wants me to validate that I am not a bot. Is this happening to anyone else? If so how do you recommend solving this?

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sometime it happen to me if i used proxy/vpn

but can not say what is the pattern that happening on it as it rarely happen for me

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I am not using any VPN to be honest. My behaviour has not even changed the last months to be honest to suspect me.

I was mostly curious if this is happening to more Brave users :confused:

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not sure what could be the cause

could you help us @Mattches here and have a nice day everyone

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Can you please try opening a new browser profile (Menu --> Create profile) and see if you get the same behavior?

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Hey @Mattches !

False alarm as I found out.

I was doing some google searches for LinkedIn profiles and though I was a bot trying to bypass probably LinkedIn’s search functionality.

I found it as I was using Chrome today to see if I Google still detects me as a bot, and it does.

It’s a “Google thing” … not much that can be done.
It’ll happen more often if you’re using Private mode (or a VPN).

If you have more than one devices (like 2-3 other computer users on your network) accessing Google services, that can trigger it.

NOTE: This is not a Brave issue … it’s on the Google end.


Thank you for confirming this for us. Going to mark this as closed for now.