Google detects brave is a suspicious browser

For some reason, google twitter and instagram have signed me out saying suspicious browser detected. Also it keeps logging me out everywhere. I did recently get hacked. but i got rid of the threat and it still says suspicious activity detected and emails me that a suspicious app may have accessed your google account. So is that brave? Also even though i got rid of the virus and scans show empty, it still keeps saying that suspicious activity, makes me verify by phone AND forces me to reset password. I do not wanna reset password but it wont let me login otherwise what do i do?

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That shouldn’t be anything with Brave. If nothing else I’m guessing you may have some aftermath of the virus you’re mentioning or you have Adware on your computer. I don’t know what you’re using for your scans but I’d definitely try to run Malwarebytes and see if it finds anything. Also be mindful of what extensions you’re using.

I’d recommend you navigate to Google yourself as well, sign in, and then go to the Security part of the menu so you can review any activity to see if anything stands out that may not have been you.

The exact thing has happened to me as well, I was logged out automatically and was instructed to reset my password as someone has got access to my account.
That time I considered that incident as an exception. But now it seems that problem is with brave.

Also, a third party app in my phone which blocks tracking attempts in my android shows that it has blocked trackers in Brave, which means Brave to have some whitelisted trackers, and it allows them.

I tried Malwarebytes and also checked extensions. Even in google it asks me to sign in and all activity seems normal

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