Google Analytics isn't blocked


Google Analytics seems to be unblocked on every website. Brave shield says blocked, but the developer tools always show “200 OK” (sites for testing or

Is it because Google Analytics gets routet, instead of blocked? If so, how can I see the difference?


Only saw google gpt on reddit. But we’re blocking google-analytics.

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In shied it looks like it’s blocked, but take a look at the developer tools in my screenshot.
At reddit isn’t blocked.

Could somebody please take a look into the developer tools?
Some URLs are red and marked as “(blocked:other)” and google-analytics is “200 OK”.

Here is what “200 OK” means “The request has succeeded. The information returned with the response is dependent on the method used in the request”

Are you using the Standard Blocking or Aggressive?

l use Aggressive Blocking

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