Stat trackers being blocked

Sorry, I diverged from the format because it is a different type of question.

I am unable to detect Brave traffic using Google Analytics. I presume this is by design and a good thing. However, I need to be able to tracks stats somehow and build funnels to know how people are using the sites I make… It helps me build better services.

Is there any acceptable way of tracking simple stats for Brave?

I certainly hope not. While your intentions might be pure, others in your professional’s aren’t. That data is usually used for ad purposes, or perhaps something nefarious. This is the exactly sort of behavior that has attracted people to Brave to begin with.

Good luck with your site.

Tracking page views, referer urls, keywords (if from search engine), page relationships, and geo location does not violate privacy. IDC what IP/email/cookies blah blah are… I just want the basic info about my content.

I can easily write one with PHP that would work fine with brave. I may just do that and make it publicly available for free

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