Google Analytics and Brave Shield blocking Images

Hello All, This is my first post. Thank you for this community.
I have a blog and I wrote some tutorials to optimize Google Analytics. But the problem is that Brave by default is blocking my images that are named like Google Analytics or similar text.

Is this the default feature of Brave to block images that have analytics or similar name?
Is there any way Brave and the Team to solve this issue?

Which site are you referencing?

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My own site.
Do I need to share URL?
Thank you.

If its just a personal site, change file name would be an easy option, since there are many “google-analytics” filters. If its a commercial site that is handled by another user/company, just paste here and I can fix.

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I think it will be difficult to change the name of the images?
Here is the site wplogout

Thank you

Okay. Fixed

Update in the next 24-48hrs.

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