Gmail so slow to respond to typing that it is unusable

Gmail almost unusable in normal Brave tab. It takes many seconds for a typed letter to appear when composing an email, so much so that I can type a whole sentence and none of it shows up as written until I’ve started typing the second sentence then suddenly the first one appears that is how slow it is. For some reason I do NOT have this problem in a ‘private tab.’ I do NOT have any extensions running, Brave is up to date, I do NOT have may tabs open and this problem only started a few weeks ago.

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The only difference between private/incognito and normal windows are:

  1. It starts the session with no active cookies
  2. Extensions are disabled by default (as long as you haven’t changed that setting)
  3. It clears history and cookies from your session when you exit

Last year I had someone who phrased something like this and I went with the assumption they had no extensions. Then after several days of back and forth, I found out they had extensions installed but just said it “wasn’t running” because their extension was designed for a particular site and they thought it would have nothing to do with the rest of it.

I’m wanting to run with that same assumption here, but would you mind confirming for me if you’re saying you indeed have absolutely no extensions installed on Brave?

That said, I’ll also circle back to this as it’s the biggest hint. Assuming you really mean no extensions at all, this would lead us to believe that the issue would be cookies/cache. So it would be suggested that you clear cookies/cache for All Time and there should be no problem.


No, definitely NO extensions. (I went through and checked all this before posting). I’ve also already cleared cookies/cache for ‘all time’ more than once and afterwards closed brave, shut down computer and restarted - to no avail.

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So that is indeed weird. Though it should kind of be irrelevant based on what you shared, would you mind testing 2 more things?

  1. Turn off Shields, does anything change?

  2. Add a new profile. Go to Hamburger Menu imageMore ToolsAdd New Profile. This will create a secondary profile with default settings overall. (It just retains custom content filters and anything you changed in brave://flags). It might be interesting to see if the issue occurs there as well. Try not to change any settings or add anything to the browser on the second profile. If it works with no issues, then we just know it’s a profile/settings issue.

And I know support also will want to know:

  • Which version of Brave are you using? (Please put exact version, don’t just say “the latest.”)

  • Which OS are you using? (such as Windows 11, Mac 15.0.2, etc)

  • Are you using anything like a VPN or proxy?

Hi, I am facing the same problem. I opened a new profile and this works.

What can I do in my original profile to sort the problem out?

  • Shields aren’t up
  • I have two extensions active: adblock youtube and google translate.
  • Brave v1.60.125
  • Mac 13.2.1
  • Have VPN but not in use

Try test in private window mode, no extensions. Also enabling HW Acceleration if its not enabled in brave://settings/system

Using a new profile fixed the problem. So how do i get it to work in the normal profile?
No vpn being used.
Brave v 1.60.125
Mac monterey 12.6.8

Main thing this usually suggests is you have an extension on your primary profile causing problems. This also would include any custom themes and all.

But since you mentioned before you absolutely aren’t using, the next thing we’d do is have to go through all of your settings. New profile is default settings. So you’d have to kind of compare what your original profile is like compared to new profile.

Some of the places you may want to test first would be:

  • brave://settings/system and to toggle Use hardware acceleration when available

  • brave://settings/shields (also the Shields widget, the lion thing, when you’re actually on Gmail as that’s the per site settings)

  • brave://settings/privacy (including the idea of clearing cookies. I know you said you did this, but just saying it’s one of the normal places to consider)

I have never ever touched or altered ANY settings since downloading Brave. This problem started out of the blue so I fail to see how it could be related to any of this stuff. Anyway it’s still playing up. I’m too busy to play computer technician and I have never had this problem with another browser in 27 years of using email, so…I’m just going to go back to Chrome and get on with my life.

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