Gmail Issue: Tools not working

On the Gmail website, after opening the mail, when I click the back arrow button to come back on the home page, nothing happens. I tried changing the mouse, but the problem is the same. I will like to know if others are facing this or not. The whole toolbar of back, archive, spam, delete is not working. Thanks.

I just tried with firefox and it worked fine.

@gohilvishal912 ,

I found the cause of this issue. An extension named ‘absolute enable right click and copy’ was interfering, after I disabled that, everything is working fine. I am closing this problem.

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I do not have the “absolute enable right click and copy” extension installed and the issue reported by the OP has been happening for me since around the same time of their post.

OSX 10.11.6
Brave v 1.38.111 and previous