Global shield defaults don't work in Tor window

Recently, I noticed a change in Brave, I don’t know if it was due to automatic upgrade. Upon setting global shield defaults in a standard Brave window I noticed that the settings were no longer applied to Tor window instances e.g. changing fingerprinting block to ‘Block All Fingerprinting’. Tor window reverted to ‘Block 3rd Party Fingerprinting’ for each new website. When I select ‘Settings’ from the Tor window menu a window opens which is entirely blank. This was hitherto not a problem as I could always change settings in a Tor window. ‘Block All Fingerprinting’ can be selected from each website’s URL bar ‘Brave’ shield logo and seems to function but by such time the website may have already taken a fingerprint.

  1. I rebooted Windows. Same results.
  2. I uninstalled Brave, I reinstalled Brave with the same results.
  3. I uninstalled Brave then I searched the registry for ‘Brave’ and stripped out any residual Win10 registry keys. I searched for ‘Brave’ files/folders and deleted them. I reinstalled Brave with the same results.
  4. Repeated process 3 using ‘Admin’ then each user profile as there were residual Brave references in each profile.

Operating system is Win10home v1803 build 17134.829 running on Acer 5742 laptop Intel i5 M460@2.53GHz. 4Gb memory. Brave is the offered option from Brave website downloads section: 0.65.120.

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I have noticed a similar issue.

I have a copy of what was displayed on the browser below. It remained that way and the settings cannot be accessed.

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