Given up on Brave and moved to MS Edge

Back in February, I posted regarding an issue about the inability to delete specific google cookie on browser exit. I got a couple of responses replied to them and that was the last I heard from anyone from Brave. Another user posted to the thread that they too have experienced the same issue. Over the 2 years I have tried Brave I lost count how many times I have given Brave a chance to fix things but it is time to move on.
I don’t know if resources are spread too thin between BAT issues (which I have no desire to use) and making a functioning browser or what the issue is. I don’t expect problems to be fixed as soon as they are reported but at least respond to posts in this community so that your users do not feel like they are shouting into the wind

I have moved on to MS Edge Chromium for a browser. It has no cookie deletion issues and seems to function like I need a browser to.

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Have a good time with Edge and let us know how you get on with it in the coming months and years.

Sorry to hear such a thing makes you change browsers. If you use macOS, you can get companion apps that will delete unwanted cookies for you on quit or other triggers.

Best of luck and stay safe!

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Its not just that this feature does not work properly but works fine in two other Chromium based browser its a lack of a response from Brave support people.

I am on Windows and have tried an extension to solve this problem but after an hour of trying various options in the extension I received confirmation from the extension developer that it can not delete a specific cookie and only that cookie on browser startup.

Stay safe in these trying times.

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