Struggling for reason to keep Brave as my default browser

For over a year now I have been using Brave but have encountered numerous issues with it.

  1. Cookie deletion of specific cookies on browser exit is not working. The result is that I remain logged into the site because the site is using persistent cookies. I spend several months posting here regarding this and it was made to sound as if it was a bug on my install. I spend countless hours trying things on my own thinking it was as a result of me doing something wrong. This was far from the case. This behavior has already been logged on Github and confirmed as a bug.
  2. Unable to delete cookies from sites that are allowed to use cookiers. This too is logged as a bug on Github
  3. Sync v2 has issues from day one back in August 2020 when it was officially released. For me its an inconsistency regarding open tabs. Again I did various testing regarding this matter only to discover I was not the only one having this issue. Posting on Github and with a back and forth discussion there I was told that this behavior was inherent from Chromium.

For the past week, I have been using MS Edge as my default browser as I have tested all of the above bugs and none of them exist in MS Edge. I am struggling to come up with a reason why I should stick with Brave and these above bugs since there is no timeline of if or when they will be fixed. I do not know if support is overloaded with servicing people with BAT payment issues and other bugs on BAT or whether support is simply overwhelmed with the influx of new users and its turned into fix the serious show-stopper bugs for now.

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