Till We Meet Again, Brave Search!

I really hate having Google as my search engine. Unfortunately, Brave Search just isn’t up to par. And I can’t help it along, which I would, if it weren’t for Brave refusing to save my settings. Yes, I’ve read all through the forums about this issue. I turned OFF delete cookies on exit, from both Cookies and Other Site Data and Site and Shield Settings. I even added Brave to what is supposed to be an exception under Customized Behaviors. For some reason, it all works for a time and then inexplicably DOESN’T.

And with all due respect to those monitoring the forums for the DEV’s, people have repeatedly told you that it makes no sense to require TURNING OFF ALL COOKIE DELETION just to save a few settings. Seriously, I have to store cookies from places I browse just to have Brave Search respect my Safe Search Off preference. That’s crazy! Also, there really should be a way to list specific sites in ONE stand-alone field that acts as exceptions that are respected until the user changes them deliberately. Instead, these various settings are scattered all over the place.

Obviously, I’ll keep using Brave. After all, where would I go? Back to Chrome (LMAO!) It’s bad enough I’m forced to use Google Search. But hopefully somebody listens to posts like this and understands some changes need to be made, and not just toss user feedback into the “Dumb User” pile and ignore it! Looking forward to improvements!


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Duck Duck Go is good.