Brave deleting cookies on exit (set not to)

Version 1.50.114 Chromium: 112.0.5615.49 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I’ve disabled all extensions, Brave Shields, double checked all site settings and general retention settings. If I close Brave it nukes cookies despite being told to keep them.

I’ve tested on other profiles as well and the behavior persists.

@nPHYN1T3 I just want to check some details:

  • Which form of Linux are you using?

  • You’re saying if you to go brave://settings/clearBrowserData, you have nothing selected under On Exit?


  • There’s a second place with same effect. If you check at brave://settings/cookies, do you have Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows disabled?

  • Do you have any apps/programs on your computer that might try to clean files? For example, I know people in the past mentioned CCleaner or Avast as having a cleaning function that was clearing their cookies.

  • If you installed Brave Nightly, does the issue happen there as well?

  • When you tested on other profiles, did you keep it a “clean” profile or did you get the extensions rolling on those? (Even though I know you mentioned disabling extensions, sometimes have to remove rather than just disable. That’s where new profile comes into play. So just trying to verify)

  • Are you losing all cookies or just to certain sites?

Form of Linux? If you mean Distro Garuda/Arch.

As I said, I did all those settings you left screenshots for. There is no “App” that deletes things much less Windows Apps since I’m not on Windows.

The other profiles are not clean, all set up to be working instances on other XScreens. That test was simply to see if the one profile was corrupt or something but the behavior persists on all. All set to retain cookies for the site in question. I don’t have “other sites” where cookies matter.

I’ve not tried nightly and I’m not going to.

Yeah, sorry. My terminology is crap, especially since I know nothing about Linux. But I know as people have come in and spoken of things like Debian, Fedora, etc that it can make a difference. So I tend to just try to ask and get info so the true experts have it as they swing by.

I’d suggest you try it that way then. Create a new browser profile and don’t put the extensions or anything on that particular profile… Just run it without and see if the cookies vanish. It will help to kind of rule out the idea of extensions.

That would then point to the disable extension system being broken. Which then also hints that perhaps set security settings or extension sandboxing is broken or not adhering to user preferences allowing leaks or breaches. I may try it but ATM I’m simply switching browsers. I have enough coding and testing to do so trouble shooting this is low on the day’s priorities. Frankly there is always something upstream with Chrome…pretty sick of the issues.

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