Github and google maps not working

Im using the latest Brave Dev, and im running into two very specific issues.
My github activity feed will no longer load, it gives me the error:
“There was an error in loading the activity feed”
And google maps no longer works, as in I put in an address or location, hit enter, and nothing happens. The zoom button also seems to have disappeared.
Both github and google maps work fine in other browsers such as Firefox.

My version:

Version 0.60.12 Chromium: 72.0.3626.53 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Please advise! I like this browser alot, but I need these things!

Hi @JeremyDean,

Can you share your Brave Shields settings for that site? Brave icon at URL bar.


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As @eljuno said, seeing Shields settings for the sites in question would be very helpful.
That said, I can reproduce the gmaps issue on my end - I’ve reached out to the team for info/input on this.

My Github activity feed, however, seems to be just fine.

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Hey im new at this, but yeah for Github it says “shields up for this site” , 3 total blocked.
If I turn the shield off, it doesnt make a difference and im still getting the Github error.

I have
-3rd party cookies blocked
-All scripts allowed
-3rd party device recognition blocked

As for Google Maps, it works if I turn the shield off :smiley:

Can you share a screenshot of your GitHub activity page, with the Shields panel open and displayed?

So it looks like I actually can reproduce this issue, but only in Dev. Release and Beta display activity view just fine. Very strange! I’m going to forward this to some more team members and see if they have any ideas about what’s going on.
Thanks for your patience. I’ll return when I have more info.

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Sounds good…thanks for the help thus far!

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