Google maps shows blank page

On ubuntu 22.04 brave 1.45.118 shows blank page. Shields settings for fingerprinting and ad blocking on standard. works ok. This just happened recently. I dont have any extensions installed.

Could you check if that works in a private window ?

It shows a blank page in a private window

Umm. Not sure. @Mattches @JimB1 any help?

I would first try turning Shields off entirely and testing to see if the site works afterwards. If it does not, can you please visit and open the dev tools console window and share any output shown in the console there?

I found the issue, a custom filter for was written twice in the custom filters box. I have no idea how that got there i never set that, i dont even use google products except for the map sometimes. Any idea if its possible for a website to maliciously set custom filters? Or some screwup with brave updates?

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