Google Maps doesn't work anymore

Hello, I’m new here. In the last few weeks, Google Maps stopped working in Brave, Desktop version. The page correctly loads, but I can’t use the search bar and my Google account is not displayed. Basically, it’s unusable. Can’t say if mobile version works, as Brave redirects it to the app.
I tried to disable the shields and give cookie permissions, but nothing works. I’m currently forced to use Windows Maps.
What happened?

Able to use in a private window / new profile?

Can’t change profile, but it does work in Private Mode. At this point, I don’t know how to sign out and sign in again, that might help.

Solved: the extension “Avast SafePrice” was causing the malfunctioning.

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Excellent. Yea, was gonna suggest disabling them one by one to see if that was the issue. It’s great you found it yourself :slight_smile:

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