Getting "Region not supported" in supported region (Netherlands)

I have the same problem in the Czech Republic. I can’t connect Uphold since around July. Initially not receiving clarification why. Now it says region not supported. I received last payment in June on Uphold. Brave is still collecting rewards, but I’m not receiving them for the last couple of months.

same here, i’m from argentina. been receiving brave rewards for like a year with no problem in my uphold account but today I got the “region not supported” message. what can I do?

I’m also getting the same error. I’m from Brazil and since a year I received my BAT normally in my UpHold account, however, now I get the message below…

“Error: Region currently not supported
Your Uphold account can’t be connected to your Brave Rewards profile at this time. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Rewards.”

@rdllngr Please create your own topic.

I’m getting the same ‘Error: Region currently not supported’ message. It started a month ago. I live in Belgium, am a Dutch citizen, and I can use my Uphold account without any problems.

I am having this issue too.
Is there any update on this topic?

I have same issue from UK…
I did wtite to Steeven months ago provided my docs and nothing changed Im afraid this issue never gonna be solved.

Same here (from Belgium). Strangely, the BAT from the Brave Browser installed on my Linux machine is received in my Uphold account, but the BAT from my Brave Browser on my Mac is not. (Reinstalling Brave did not help.)

Hi, I’m also facing the same problem. I’d like to retrieve my BAT rewards from my Brave browser but somehow I’m unable to do that, as apparently there’s some regional issue that I’m facing when trying to transfer the BAT coins to Uphold. So I was wondering, is there any way that I can still transfer the coins to another wallet? If not, is there a way I can get hold of a secret key or something to transfer the coins from one laptop to another?